Skoči do osrednje vsebine


List of fields for notification purpose, List of fields for public disclosure purpose

1. Notification of significant net short positions in shares

Form 1 (Format of notification form for net short positions)

2. Public discloser of significant net short positions in shares

Form 2 (Public disclosure of significant net short positions)

3. Notification of significant net short positions in sovereign debt

Form 3 (Net short position in sovereign debt)

4. Notification of uncovered positions in sovereign credit default swaps

Form 4 (Position in uncovered sovereign credit default swaps)

5. A cancellation of notification

Form 5 (Cancelled net short position in shares, Cancelled net short position in sovereign debt, Cancelled position in uncovered sovereign credit default swaps)

The Regulation prescribes that the notification of intent to make use of the exemption, including all relevant documents, must be made in writing to the Securities Market Agency at least 30 calendar days before the intended first use of the exemption. Use of exemptions may only be made after these 30 calendar days. The 30 calendar day period commences after all relevant data and documents have been submitted.

- Notification for Authorised Primary Dealers
- Notification for market making activities

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