Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Request for a license

Submitting a request to perform broker services is a two-step process. This process requires a previously completed test of professional knowledge for performing broker services at the Slovene Bank Association - GIZ, or a previously acquired professional qualification for performing broker services.

Bank Association organizes professional training, covering an important part of the subject matter that is necessary to know in order to perform the services of a broker. When registering for the exam, the candidate must attach the application form and proof of payment of the registration fee. In accordance with the ATVP’s Tariff, the fee for a request to pass a professional skills test for each type of broker services is EUR 210.00 (Tariff number 9(1)). The fee for the request for the assessment of professional knowledge in connection with the professional qualification amounts to EUR 420.00 for each type of broker services (Tariff number 9(2)).

After successfully passing the broker exam or a professional qualification for broker services the candidate for a broker submits a request to the ATVP for the issuance of a license to carry out broker services, attaches the required documentation to the application and a certificate of payment of the registration fee. This fee for one or more types of transactions amounts to EUR 210.00.

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