Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Clarifications to the issuer regarding the obligations arising for it after its securities have been admitted to trading on a regulated market

The issuer, which admits securities for trading on a regulated market in the Republic of Slovenia or another Member State, acquires the so-called status of a public company (in this regard, see Article 123 ZTFI-1), therefore obligations to report on supervised information (transparency) arise in accordance with the provisions of ZTFI-1. ATVP is responsible for supervising the reporting of public companies.

A public company that has admitted securities on the regulated market must also comply with the provisions of Regulation 596/2014 on market abuse. 

A public company that admits its shares on the regulated market based on the provision of the first paragraph of Article 4 of ZPre-1 also acquires the status of a target company. This means that the regulations in the field of takeover legislation apply to it, and on this basis shareholders receive greater protection (e.g. in terms of greater transparency of the takeover process) in the event of a takeover. The above also applies to joint-stock companies that are not public companies, if they meet one of the criteria from the second paragraph of Article 4 of ZPre-1. 

Public companies are obliged to settle the annual supervision fee every year for the purposes of ATVP supervision. 

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