Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Annexes that must be attached to the request for the issuance of an authorization

ZTFI-1 in Article 93 stipulates that the issuer must attach to the request for approval of the prospectus the following:

-    prospectus,

-    if the request refers to the confirmation of the prospectus for the first sale of securities to the public, the request must also be accompanied by a valid resolution of the company's competent authority on their issuance,

-    if the request refers to the approval of a prospectus for the public sale of securities issued by a local authority, the request must also be accompanied by the consent of the ministry responsible for finance for such issuance in accordance with the regulations on public finances.

A proof of payment of the prospectus confirmation fee must also be attached to the request. More about the ATVP’s Tariff in relation to the requirements for the approval of the prospectus is available here.

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