Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Additional explanations regarding obtaining an authorization

On the basis of the provision of the seventh paragraph of Article 20 of Regulation 2017/1129 on the prospectus, the ATVP prepared the Guidelines on the procedure for reviewing and approving the prospectus. 

What does the approval of the prospectus by ATVP mean in practice?

Approval of the prospectus means a positive decision by ATVP after it has reviewed the completeness, correctness and comprehensibility of the submitted prospectus. "Completeness" means that the prospectus contains all the information required by the relevant Annex from Regulation 2019/979 regarding the type of issuer or type of security. "Correctness" means that certain information does not conflict with other information included in the prospectus. 

The approval of the prospectus by ATVP means checking whether the information in the prospectus is in accordance with ZTFI-1 and Regulation 2017/1129 on the prospectus and other related regulations, but it does not mean checking the accuracy and truthfulness of the information in the prospectus. ATVP is thus not responsible for any damage caused to the investor due to incomplete or incorrect information, but the persons referred to in Article 81 ZTFI-1 are responsible for this. ATVP does not give opinions regarding the offer of securities presented in the prospectus. ATVP does not approve the prospectus if it is incomplete, incorrect or incomprehensible. An approved prospectus is not a guarantee that the issuer is reliable or that the return described in the prospectus is realistic. The approval of the prospectus by ATVP should therefore not be understood as an investment recommendation. 

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